error “Access is denied to this folder”

normally while working on windows o.s we see this error when we are trying to delete an file or folder here is some  solutions that worked for me and sharing to u all -)


if u want to delete an file like c:\win.exe then u can change its permission type this in command line mode      cacls c:\win.exe /p username:w   this changes the file permission of this file from system account to the account ur using right now and now u can delete this easily.


if No.1 sol doesnt work no probs -) in cmd for folder like virus c:\virus type       rd /S   \?\c:\virus\   and now this folder gone u will not even going to see this in recycle  bin this syntax “\?\” is used by volume shadow copy service and if  you remove it u cant restore it via recycle bin.

3.last but not least you can kill those processes that are accociated with this folder or just kill urs shell porocess explorer.exe in task manager in process section and then try to delete it and also you can also use the free utility called unlocker assistant to delete these folders from here


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